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Conversion Optimization

     - Getting Visitors to Take Action

Conversion Optimization

This is the art of designing a page and developing it's content to keep the reader tuned in and hopefully take some action. From being visually appealing to creating an effective Call to Action, the page needs to have a purpose.

The Short Attention Span Syndrome

it's too easy to click away from a boring site. When someone gives Google or Bing a search query, the landing page needs to answer that question. At the least, it should entice the reader to spend more time searching the site.

We use a series of methods to optimize pages. We offer congruent, focused content messaging to directly respond to search queries. This not only results in stronger organic optimization, but also converts the visitors at a higher rate.

Conversion optimization is the next step after basic keyword optimization. It requires an understanding of your particular sales process along with strong writing skills to create a compelling marketing message. We can develop your content to make your message convert.

Here's the leading industry event to learn the latest best practices for conversion optimization:

conversion optimization