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Link Building - Using Google Compliant Best Practices

The original Best Practice for improving search engine rankings is developing inbound links. Google has changed the rules over time and now penalizes 'bad' links. We follow all the current Google Webmaster Guidelines for our link building programs. We check that your website is correctly optimized and the appropriate landing pages are congruent with our link building campaigns.

Inbound Links Have Two Goals:
To help with search engine indexing
To directly target potential customers from other websites

Using current and compliant link building strategies, we create links, write articles and find industry publications to get relevant links back to your site. The best links are ones that directly target your potential customers with a compelling call to action to visit your website. Throughout time, Google has always rewarded these types of links best.

Link building is the most important,
and most difficult part of successful SEO campaigns

For a back link to be useful the originating website needs some 'Authority'. This is a combination of site traffic, domain authority and spam scores. Links from a high authority site are very valuable - you will see results quickly. Low authority sites don't help improve rankings. Links from spamy sites and PBN's can get your site penalized. We build links both manually, with established publishers, article submissions and we also use a couple of the top link consolidators.

Here's the current industry prices from link building agencies:

     DA 30+    $75- to $150- per link
     DA 50+    $150- to $500- per link
     Low authority PBN's may offer 500 links for just $10-  (and you will probably see a penalty from Google for link spam)

You can do your own link building by using the free Google tool at Here's an example from an internet fax company that utilizes it.

Here's the current Google guidelines on link building.

Google has penalized a lot of sites for link spam. They now recommends using their Link Disavow tool to remove bad links. You can look for potential issues by reviewing your site in the Google Search Console.

We run a link exchange service that can help get initial links to your website.

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