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Search Engine Marketing - Pay Per Click Ads how to set up adwords

Before you run any paid ad campaigns the website needs to be optimized and focused on the target keywords. This effects the 'Quality Scores' of the ad campaigns, the cost per click and the final click thru rates.

Maximize your ROI with an optimized campaign plan.

Don't forget Microsoft Advertising. Both Bing and Yahoo run their ads and we are seeing 20% plus of website traffic coming from these two search engines. The costs and click through rates are much better that Google. So, it may be a wise decision to dedicate some of the ad spend here.

Display Ads

For display ads to work, you need good graphics. Google Display Ads have ten different ad sizes and there are two more common sizes used by other publishers. The first step is to have your creatives developed. Create different ones to match appropriate landing pages. We can set up your campaign.