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Our Expertise Includes:

We work with clients in various capacities, depending on the specific issues that need to be addressed. Generally, our approach is to start with the keyword research and website architecture. Optimizing the URL structure is the basic foundation and an important part of a well executed search optimization project. Pages will get organically indexed easier. Paid ad campaigns will benefit from higher 'quality scores' and lower costs. We are experts at this. Ideally, the architecture work should be done when she site is being designed. Updating an existing site is a little more work as we may need to rename and redirect existing pages.

Local Search - National Search - Branding

Campaigns are customized for both their keyword focus and their geo targeted markets. These usually require different approaches to the site architecture and content. Each campaign is different and we always customize the optimization efforts for the specific marketing targets.

Real Estate SEO - Local Search with National Competition

One of our specialties is the real estate market. We know this market very well and have done projects nationwide. The main challenge that brokers have today is competing with Zillow and the national franchise websites. However, there are strategies to successfully compete with the major players.

How to Work With Us - And What To Expect

We like to have an initial phone conversation and take a quick look at the website project. Based on your marketing goals we will give you a quick opinion on what we could offer. We may recommend a Website Audit to get a cost estimate and a written report with our preliminary recommendations. 

Agencies and developers usually have in-house policies and best practices for their SEO work. We can follow your systems or recommend our best practices approach to the project.

SEO Salary Guide

Just as a reference, the latest salary guide for SEO's shows a range from $45k for an entry level person (less than 2 years of direct experience) to $85k+ for an experienced SEO Marketing Manger. Large companies with a significant web presence often have 5+ dedicated employees in their web marketing department. Titles include Content Marketing, Paid Ads, Social Media Manager and Web Analytics Specialists.

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