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We Are Experts in Online Real Estate Marketing

We 'organically' optimize your website to capture more traffic
Dominate the search results for your local market
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real estate marketingUpdate your website to improve rankings

We approach real estate SEO from a market niche perspective. Realtor websites that have keyword focused and geo targeted content along with Google compliany organic optimization can rank in the top results for their niches. Understanding the available keyword traffic and how to capture it is fundamental to local market success.

realtor marketingCosts for an SEO Project start at $500-

First, we would like to review your existing website and offer some free advice and recommendations. We may suggest a series of optimization items at approximately $500- to $1,500- each. A common total price to properly optimize a site starts can reach $3,000+. Depending on your local market, and what your competitors are doing, we can improve your local rankings.

No Long Term Contracts

We do SEO as a series of projects. The initial optimization work needs to be crawled by the GoogleBot and we then review the results and analytics to determine the next steps to attack the competitors. Rinse and repeat as necessary to gain rankings in the major search engines.

Customized Training For Your Internal Marketing Person

We can train your internal marketing person and guide them thru their ongoing tasks of market research, content development and lead generation. We can offer Do It Yourself SEO training.

Google AdWords Campaigns

We strongly recommend that you optimize the website prior to running any paid ad campaigns. You need a high Quality Score from Google for your ads to be effective. We can set up and fine tune a paid ad campaign and train you on how to manage it yourself. Call us to discuss the options.

We specialize in SEO for Real Estate websites. Call us to discuss you market goals.

All real estate is local. Individual brokers farm their local markets and do the transactions. However, Zillow and the national franchise chains dominate the search results. They have the budgets to outrank the local Realtors. The brokers even help them do it by contributing endless posts and content to these national sites, making them rank even higher in their local markets. We can improve your local rankings to compete against these national companies. The large brokerage firms can spend over five thousand per month, but can get tremendous traffic.