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SEO can be done at several levels. Keyword research and the basic site architecture will be the foundation of all future work. We would like to see that set up properly before you do any further site optimization. Then, you can do ongoing SEO work including;

We work with many clients to get them set up properly and train them to efficiently do the ongoing site optimization work. Most clients will need help with their back linking campaigns and we can support these efforts. We offer support and training to your internal marketing manager for any questions or issues they may encounter.

We can do any of the technical SEO work that you may need help with. 

Here's some recommended tools:

Google's Free Tools - test your site for indexing errors

SEO Friendly Web Hosting - web host with SEO optimized servers

Here's some self study courses for SEO Training

Feel free to contact us to discuss your website and how we can set you up for success.

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