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SEO Consulting

We work in several ways with agencies and developers. Usually we are in the background providing URL architecture and content development work. Sometimes, we meet with the end customers directly to help them define their target markets, keyword focus and marketing strategies. We understand the sales and budgeting process so we set costs and expectations early.

A simple website audit can give you solid insight into what is needed to further optimize a website. Simple changes to the site attributes can greatly improve your targeted rankings. Updating and adding to your content monthly will keep your site 'current and relevant' to the search engines and stop your rankings from fading away.

On Site With Your Team

We can join your web development team for short term projects. As a team member I give direction on the build out and optimization process, especially the URL structure. Content development is created by understanding the the target market and marketing strategy. In general, the web dev's do all the coding work on the site and we do all the off-site SEO work such as setting up analytics and link building. We do human crafted SEO work which can greatly improve rankings. We also promote the practice of Conversion Optimization, which takes the site visitor down the path towards a successful sale.

Off Site Outsourced SEO

We commonly work off site and communicate directly with your developer. They are the project lead and we follow their progress, making appropriate recommendations for content, attributes and site architecture development. Once the foundation is properly set up the organic SEO process follows easily. 

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." -Abraham Lincoln

"Code the website with a solid SEO foundation and getting rankings will be the easy part." - SEOwhiz