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Costs of Outsourcing Your SEO Project

Website Audit: $295.-

For existing websites we like to do a full SEO audit. We check everything from metas and attributes to sitemaps and backlinks. Then, we write up a report with suggestions on improving the organic optimization of the site.

Site Tune - Up: $500-

Based on an initial site audit, we deliver a written action plan to optimize an existing website. Typically, this include updates to the metas, attributes alt tags and some updates to the content and marketing message. Regular content updates help rankings by keeping the site 'current and relevant' - a known ranking factor. The developer can then implement these recommendations.

Site Architecture: $1,200.-

Based on your keyword targets and individual landing pages, we develop the URL structure, meta tags and attributes for the first 10 pages. We provide a detailed spreadsheet for the developer to build out the website. The goal is to have well optimized pages that are ready for the content.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools: $500-

Set up Google Analytics reporting with automated weekly reports sent to the website owner. Create and prioritize the sitemap and submit it to Google Webmaster Tools. Clients can track their major metrics through the Google Analytics reporting and decide if they want to do additional marketing. That may include developing new targeted landing pages, optimizing for different keywords or launching a paid ads campaign.

Copywriting and Conversion Optimization: $1,500-

Good content writing, called SEO Copywriting, means clear, quick and compelling content. This starts with understanding the keyword focus and developing content that answers the prospects questions. Then, the site owner confirms that the marketing message meets their objectives. This should lead to lower bounce rates, longer page view times and a better conversion rate.

Google AdWords Campaign Set Up and Implementation: $500-

Based on the targeted keywords we set up a Google AdWords campaign for the the home page and a landing page. This is always done after full organic optimization of the website in order to get a better Quality Score from Google and lower costs per click.

Direct Consulting with the Client and Site Development Team: Hourly Rate

For larger projects we offer SEO Consulting. We work on site, direct with your development team. While they manage the site design and development we will guide the implementation of all the metas, attributes, analytics, content, and general optimization of the site.