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Local Search - Optimizing for a Local Market

Gaining rankings for local search requires some unique optimization techniques. In the grand old days of the yellow pages, companies would name their listings AA Plumbing, then get outranked the following year by AAA Plumbing. In local online search we use a similar concept, but follow the approved Webmasters Guidelines to geo-target our marketing area.

In the real estate segment, we have the unique challenge of national brands like Zillow and ReMax stepping all over the local brokers. They can do this because they have huge marketing budgets and large SEO departments. However, we CAN outrank them by defining our niche and optimizing our site accordingly. The short cut method is to buy paid clicks, which also works, but gets expensive over time.

The Niches Get The Riches

Back to the real estate example, a website optimized for a major metropolitan area will take much more optimization work than a website focused on a particular city or subdivision. You will have much less online competition. The initial step to optimize for local search is to understand your local market. You are much able to better understand your local market than some out of state company. A review of your Google Analytics reports will help, along with some basic market research. We use several online tools to help understand where the action is, and then optimize for it.

So, your first step is to outline your local market. This may include multiple cities or neighborhoods. Make a list of these individual targets and what might be interesting to searchers from there. A plumber may want to target lead pipe replacements in an area with known issues. A real estate broker could emphasize homes in preferred school districts.

We are experts in local search. Call us to get your project started.

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