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Achieve Better Organic Rankings
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SEO Management

Either as a white labeled provider behind the scenes or working directly with the client, and billing them direct, we let you focus on the site development while we take the responsibility for its online rankings and marketing strategies, both SEM and SEO.

Setting Expectations for Clients

Each industry niche has its own unique competitive challenges. Clients may expect that a two thousand dollar website should rank number one for a vast array of competitive keywords.
We do the market research, help identify the target keywords, and then optimize for those specific expectations. We always start off with strong organic optimization and then fight the battles to gain rankings for the most difficult keywords. Sometimes, that may include a recommendation for paid clicks. It's all up to the client and their budget.

Custom Reporting

We can set up custom reporting, usually through the free Google Analytics tools. Clients can see what is actually happening with their sites and determine if they want to increase their marketing activities to gain traffic and rankings.

We can take their calls direct and offer professional guidance for their online marketing efforts, including setting appropriate budgets. Call us to discuss your projects.


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